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roadster 2 2s quick reference.pdf

Roadster 2 2S Quick Reference

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Tesla Roadster I

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Instrument Panel High beam headlights are in use. Flashes amber when the vehicle is charging. 5 ; Illuminates red when the charge port door is open but the vehicle is not charging. Traction control is disabled. Flashes red when the vehicle is locked and the alarm system is on. illuminates green when the vehicle is locked but the alarm system is off. Regenerative braking is not available. The vehicle’s power is being limited. Cruise control is in use. The hand brake is engaged. If the hand brake is not engaged. a brake system fault has occurred. The temperature outside is below 37 F 3 C . Illuminates only when you first start the vehicle. If it doesn’t. or if stays on, a safety related fault has occurred and you must contact Tesla Motors. Illuminates briefly when the traction control 3 system is preventing the vehicle from sliding. Illuminates amber when a non critical fault has occurred. Illuminates red when a critical fault has occurred. The pressure of a tire is out of range. The hand brake is engaged illuminates in addition to the BRAKE indicator above it . An ABS fault has occurred. The driver’s seat belt is unbuckled. White values The LCD panel displays estimated range and level of charge on the left, current on the top right, and odometer/trip display on the bottom right. TRI315 Press the button on the right hand side of the steering wheel to toggle back and forth between odometer and trip display. To reset the trip display, hold the button down for one second‘ Odometer/trip display show the current the Battery is using, Green values show the current the Battery is gaining by Regenerative Braking.

Manual download User's manuals

Roadster I - User's manuals

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