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VIN : 5YJRE11B181V00032 - $1.000.032

Forum Tesla Roadster VIN : 5YJRE11B181V00032 - $1.000.032

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2016-11-25 16:10:15

Vehicle Specifics for 2008 Tesla Roadster

Vehicle History Report Summary

2008 Tesla Roadster

VIN#: 5YJRE11B181V00032

Mileage: 18,100

Price on ebay : US $1.000.032

Own one of the first Tesla's ever produced #32 - ultra rare Tesla roadster validation prototype vin ending in #V00032. V = validation prototype code and 00032 is the unit number.

One of only approximately 33 prototypes made, some of which were destroyed for crash testing. Not originally sold to the public. Has early features like the gear shift knob not found on most other models. In fantastic condition with just over 18,000 miles.

A million dollar Tesla may be crazy today but with vintage Ferrari's going for $15M+, imagine what the first Ferrari prototype models would go for. Take that 30 years into the future when most cars are electric and they'll be able to trace their history back to Tesla, the company that is changing the industry, and this being a prototype of its first model. Lamborghini Aventador special editions can go for over a million and a Veneno sells for $3.9M, and yet in 10 or 20 years from now a prototype Tesla will be more rare and historically significant.


  • originally used as a marketing vehicle
  • purchased used and currently registered in CA
  • perfect working condition with battery range of approximately 160 miles
  • paint is in great condition
  • detailed service records, including power module replaced by Tesla service center
  • includes hard top, soft top, portable charger, and 240v wall charger