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Model 3 - 400.000 reservations

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2016-03-24 08:38:52

2016-04-08 08:11:37

How many Model 3 reservations can I make?

Two per person.

Can anyone, from any country reserve a Model 3?

Yes, anyone from countries listed on the drop down list on our website can reserve a Model 3.

2017-07-02 06:27:52

Tesla Model 3 Month Is Here.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said on multiple occasions in the past year that the target was to start production of the Tesla Model 3 in July. When he first said this (on one of Tesla’s quarterly conference calls), he was very hesitant to say it because he indicated it was a strict target for suppliers specifically because they knew not all suppliers would end up meeting the target. To try to really meet the target (or not go far beyond it), Tesla had penalties in place for suppliers who missed the deadline. Furthermore, as a backup, Tesla said it was preparing production capacity for any critical parts of the car itself in case its suppliers fell through.

Also worth noting is that Tesla adopted a “design for manufacturing” approach for the Model 3 — an approach that meant every element of the Model 3’s design had to be easy to manufacture, to put it simply. The point again: Don’t miss the production targets.

Even with all of that laid out many months ago, a ton of people figured Tesla would be way behind schedule manufacturing the Model 3, that manufacturing wouldn’t really start till 2018 even, or 2020. Yada yada yada.

Elon warned people last year to not base Model 3 production/delay estimates on the Model S or Model X scenarios. That would lead to faulty conclusions based on bad analogies. Obviously, Tesla learned several lessons, including some ginormous ones, from their manufacturing experience over the last decade.

Well, all of the cautious and thoughtful approaches Tesla implemented for Model 3 production seem to have paid off. As we wrote a couple of weeks ago, Model 3 production actually seems to be ahead of schedule. It may have already started. We don’t have a date for the final unveiling event, where the first production Model 3s will be delivered, but Elon noted that it would be in July … this month.

by Clean Technica

Tesla 3 spotted on the freeway on 06/18/17  |  More info

2017-07-13 08:20:44

Model 3 combines real world range, performance, safety and spaciousness into a premium sedan that only Tesla can build. Our most affordable car yet, Model 3 achieves 345 km of range per charge while starting at only 35,000 USD before incentives. Model 3 is designed to attain the highest safety ratings in every category.

Range per charge - 345 km

Zero to 100 km/h - under 6 seconds

Autopilot Hardware


Elon Musk said that all Tesla Model 3s will have Autopilot hardware as standard – and all the safety features that come with it. Sure, you won’t get the full autonomous Autopilot I tried the other day, but you will get things such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB), lane keeping and automatic preventative steering (Autosteer) – which is seriously impressive at this price. And because the Model 3 comes with all the sensors and lasers you need for Autopilot as standard, you can always get the matching software at a later date. It’ll probably cost you around £2,600, but having the option to upgrade your entry-level Tesla is a real bonus.

2017-08-18 22:32:48

Well it really locks good, the most imortant think its the infrastructure for it!


michal, 2016-03-24 08:38:52 wrote:


2017-08-18 22:44:35

do you think charging, service or datas from autopilots?