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2016-04-04 21:58:41 Model 3 - 400.000 reservations

Elon Musk s Twitter informations :


"Model 3 will be RWD, with dual motor AWD optional. Even RWD will have great traction on ice due to fast torque response of Tesla drivetrain." ... "And, of course, it will have more cowbells."

"Signing off from impromptu Twitter AMA. Thanks for the suggestions. Btw, we really will have more cow bells."

"Coming soon for all Tesla cars. Just an OTA software update."

"Air suspension dynamically adjusts ride height."

"No, but we will need to build a factory in Europe to serve long-term regional demand as Fremont reaches max capacity."

"Torque is shifted between front & rear motors every ~.01 secs. Traction control is way better than a normal AWD. Digital vs analog."

Only way to get enough rear passenger headroom was to move the rear roof cross-car support beam. A bike will still fit no problem.

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