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2015-07-08 01:26:58 charging USA

TIP: How to speed up your Supercharging - it's News from the Frunk episode 38!

Welcome to News from the Frunk, Episode 38.

News from the Frunk* is a short round up of key Tesla news over the previous few days. Would love your feedback in the comments below.

Contact me at:

Today’s video explains how to make sure your Supercharging experience is as fast as possible.


Tesla Motors:


My book, "Owning Model S":

If you are thinking of buying a Tesla Model S, or already have one and want to know a little more about the car, my book “Owning Model S” is available for $24.95 plus tax and shipping from

See you on the next episode of “News from the Frunk”.

* The ‘Frunk’ is the front trunk in the Tesla Model S (where an internal combustion engine would be, if it had one)

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