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GLiiDE Tesla S Taxi Service Launches In London

GLiiDE is an all Tesla taxi service launching in London, allowing residents of the English capital to get around without emissions or congestion charges., reports EV Fleet World. Billing itself as London’s first all-electric taxi, GLiiDE is based around a...

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How Its Made Dream Cars S02E10: Tesla Model S

by How Its Made Dream Cars

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Hitachi's Battery Technology Might Double EV Drive Range

Hitachi developed a technology to increase the energy density of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries by 100% or more. With the technology, the company realized an energy density of 335 Wh/kg with a cell whose capacity is about 30 Ah. It might be able to...

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Street Car Drags at Palm Beach International Raceway – January 18th, 2015

Featured Races and Cars : Tesla Model S P85D (691HP) vs Dodge Challenger Hellcat (707HP) / Tesla Model S P85D (691HP) vs Mercedes-Benz E63S AMG (570 HP) / Tesla Model S P85D (691HP) vs Tesla Model S P85 (415HP) / Lamborghini Huracan (610HP) vs M...

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The discovery of Nikola Tesla realized after 120 years - AURA

After 120 years of discovery of Nikola Tesla's wireless energy transmission his finding received fulfillment - WIRELESSLY POWERED CHRISTMAS LIGHTS.

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Tesla to launch in Australia in early December

Tesla Motors has now fixed the official Australia launch of its already iconic electric vehicle for December 9 – in a development that might reshape the discussion about the clean energy future in the country. Tesla, which expects to sell 33,000 EVs this...

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Jay Leno hopes Tesla's critics are wrong (by YAHOO ! Finance)

While the data is a bit fuzzy, it seems Tesla sold somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 cars in the first three quarters of 2014. That's a far cry from the goal of 500,000 annually Elon Musk and company have set for 2020. Whether he's successful or not wil...

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TESLA S new tuning - RevoZport Racing Technology Ltd.

R-Zentric Complete Aerokit The R-Zentric aerokit is designed with sole mission of improving the handling performance and rear entertainment for the Tesla Model S. The aerokit is designed with industrial grade CAD software and manufactured to the highest ...

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New Battery Factory will be in Germany/Europe-Elon Musk - CEO TESLA MOTORS

"I expect that in the future we will build battery factory in Germany " - says E. Musk - CEO TESLA MOTORS in interview to the German magazine Spiegel. "The German automotive industry should be

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The House Always Wins - by Elon Musk, CEO Tesla Motors

There have been several articles recently implying that Tesla, through clever machinations, maneuvered Nevada into providing an overly large incentive package for the Gigafactory. I love backhanded compliments as much as the next person, but this is untru...

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Tesla Motors - 97, 98 or 100 SUPERCHARGERS now in Europe ? (by

Tesla Motors Supercharger page : 97 / : 98 and we even 100 European Superchargers. It is amazing ! Congratulation ! Now open The second Supercharger location in Belgium is now open in Ghent. and 3 new Superchargers in Sweden are now ...

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Elon Musk has responded to the rumor that Tesla is reconsidering the falcon wing doors for Model X

Elon Musk has responded to the rumor that Tesla is reconsidering the falcon wing doors for Model X: "Rumors about canceling Falcon wing doors are false. At Tesla, the production car will always be better than the show car. Really hate it when companies br...

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Auto Analyst Predicts Tesla Will Miss Its Targets Because Of This Complicated Car Door

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas thinks Tesla will deliver only a third of the Model X's he expected next year, and the stock is down almost 4%. "We have adopted our Model X forecasts not only for a 3Q launch (which we expect to be late 3Q), but also fo...

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TESLA S - WINNER - Next Green Car – Executive Car Awards 2014

Ask most electric vehicle drivers about their dream car and they’ll probably tell you it’s the Model S. While the price tag is high (from £49,955), the car is packed with technology offering high specs and performance. Being electric, however, means ...

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Tesla in music-Bronx hip hoper Maitreya ("Tesla") and 2 Comic/Guitar Hero - Nice Peter a EpicLLOYD

Maitreya OKE, aka "Tesla" - hip hoper from the Bronx, is inspired by linking alternative science, technology, and business and decided to enforce an ode to Tesla X: http

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Evannex introduces TS112 + TS117 forged 21" wheels engineered exclusively for Tesla Model S

Evannex introduces TS112 + TS117 forged 21" wheels engineered exclusively for Tesla Model S: Aftermarket Wheels: TS112, Forged, 21 inch :   Aftermarket Wheels: TS117, Forged, 21 inch :

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Tesla S - P85 Dual, first P85 Dual in Europe on the runway in Berlin

Model Tesla S - P85 Dual recently made its first appearance in Europe, accelerating from 0 to 100 km in 3.4 seconds on a runway in Berlin. It is similar like during opening show in the USA. The new Tesla Motors store in Berlin is open from the 10th of Oc...

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Would you buy a used car from Tesla?

(by CBS Money Watch) Tesla is planning to sell its flagship Model S cars as certified used vehicles as people trade them in or as leases expire.  With the price of a new Model S topping out at over $100,000, a certified used version would give motorists ...

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Join us! Tesla club

Become a registered member in the Tesla club. Registeryour user profile here. New user registration Why to register? As a registered user you can discuss with other members in the Forum register your Tesla veclie - like others keeping service re...

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  2014-11-12 15:00   1 349x partners with

Although is well-known throughout the U.S. as the first (and largest) aftermarket accessories website dedicated to the Tesla Model S, it has been a challenge to announce our products and services to European Tesla owners. It was fantastic to d...

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