Review: The Tesla model X P90D

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A new Tesla model x?

 Absolutely. This is not just a software upgrade, it is a shift from Tesla's norm. The D represents dual motor presenting you more power when you slam the brake. How many power does it deliver? 259bhp to the front wheels and 504bhp to the rears. It comes 90kWh microprocessor controlled lithium ion battery. Isn't that lovely?

How spacious?

With a sitting capacity of 7 adults, Tesla P90D is the real deal. It has an head room of 41.7" at the front, 40.9" at the second row and 37.1 at the third row. Leg room is - front row, 41.2"; second row, 38.4" and third row, 32.7".

Autopilot mode?

Yes it does. Once activated, it ensure you don't fall into trouble by hitting the vehicle at the front. It also reads the white lines and stop where necessary. The best part is once the indicator is on, it makes sure there is nothing on the side before switching lane.

You can drive with your hands off the wheel; the superman style. Once the car in front pulls away, it does not wait for a second or two before accelerating. One major disadvantage, however, is that it does not give enough space between you and cars on the middle lane when on the sides. You may want to argue that these systems are not as intelligent as humans. Humans can see a possible outcome far away but these systems can only react to what their sensors view in the immediate vicinity. They are not predictive.

Hot body?

Trust me, you have never seen anything like this. With a relatively light aluminum body coupled with boron elements, P90D is a rare beauty. It can sense rain and has adjustable speed windshield wipers. A UV and infrared blocking glass also comes handy. It also has heated side mirrors with memory, 20" aluminum alloy wheels with tyres suitable for all seasons.


The Tesla P90D is quite safe to drive. It has a forward looking camera and 360 degree sensors. Other safety features include; a speed limit display, automatic emergency braking, twelve airbags to prevent you from splitting your head, child safety locks and anti- theft alarm.

Ludicrous mode

This is the beast mode of the model. You punch the button on the control menu; select launch control, slam the brake, press and release throttle. A message confirming activation displays on the screen. All you have to do at this point is hit on the brake and release it. You are good to go!


It is not equipped with a spare tyre, in the event of a flat tyre, you have to  contact Tesla's roadside assistance which is a sheer waste of time. It is also very expensive for £113,180.

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