Model X Wins the Golden Steering Wheel - Das Goldene Lenkrad

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Model X Wins the Golden Steering Wheel

Today, we are truly honored to announce that Model X has been awarded the Golden Steering Wheel (Das Goldene Lenkrad), one of the most prestigious automotive awards in the world. Candidates for this award are nominated by hundreds of thousands across Europe for excellence across six categories. The Golden Steering Wheel jury, composed of professional race car drivers, accomplished technicians, editors, designers, and digital and connectivity experts, then spent three days judging Model X.

This excellence did not come without its share of challenges early on. Model X is a complex vehicle to build, and its advanced feature set introduced some obstacles as we ramped production in early 2016. In the months since, we have introduced significant updates to make Model X an even better car. Most of these refinements have rolled out as over-the-air software updates, which enhance each vehicle regardless of when it was built. For the small number of improvements that are hardware-related, changes have rolled out to our early owners via priority Tesla Service. We have implemented those same changes in our factory immediately, because we do not believe in waiting for the next model year to introduce improvements to our cars.

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Review: The Tesla model X P90D

A new Tesla model x?

 Absolutely. This is not just a software upgrade, it is a shift from Tesla's norm. The D represents dual motor presenting you more power when you slam the brake. How many power does it deliver? 259bhp to the front wheels and 504bhp to the rears. It comes 90kWh microprocessor controlled lithium ion battery. Isn't that lovely?

How spacious?

With a sitting capacity of 7 adults...

Elon Musk has responded to the rumor that Tesla is reconsidering the falcon wing doors for Model X

Elon Musk has responded to the rumor that Tesla is reconsidering the falcon wing doors for Model X: "Rumors about canceling Falcon wing doors are false. At Tesla, the production car will always be better than the show car. Really hate it when companies bring out an awesome show car and then you can never actually buy it. So lame."

( by @elonmusk )

Auto Analyst Predicts Tesla Will Miss Its Targets Because Of This Complicated Car Door

Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas thinks Tesla will deliver only a third of the Model X's he expected next year, and the stock is down almost 4%.

"We have adopted our Model X forecasts not only for a 3Q launch (which we expect to be late 3Q), but also for a slow ramp once deliveries begin." Jonas' note said. "Our forecasts apply what we believe to be reasonable execution risk on this important mo...

Tesla Model X specifications

The Model X will weigh about 10% more than the Model S and will share about 60% of its parts content. Tesla Motorsexpects to offer the Model X with a choice of two lithium-ion battery packs, rated at either 60 or 85 kW·h(the same choices available on the Model S), and expects the performance model to be able to go from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 97 km/h) in about 4.4 seconds, outperforming many sports cars...

Tesla Model X history

Initially Tesla planned for production to start by the end of 2013 and for deliveries to commence in 2014.However, in February 2013, the company announced that production had been rescheduled to begin by late 2014 in order to focus "on a commitment to bring profitability to the company in 2013" and to achieve their production target of 20,000 Model S cars in 2013. As of March 2013, Tesla's product...