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Tesla Unveils the World’s Fastest Production Car: 0 to 60 in 2.5 Seconds

It’s also the first electric automobile with a range of more than 300 miles.

How Tesla customers may disclose problems?

WASHINGTON -- Tesla Motors Inc. on Friday revised a nondisclosure clause in its customer repair agreements after a U.S. regulator took issue with the practice, while the electric carmaker's CEO separa...

Review: The Tesla model X P90D

A new Tesla model x?  Absolutely. This is not just a software upgrade, it is a shift from Tesla's norm. The D represents dual motor presenting you more power when you slam the brake. How many power d...

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Tesla design studios

Joey Kirk for Green Car Reports

michal   2016-09-30 (04/2016)

European Green Vehicles Initiative

michal   2016-09-29


The Falcon Wing Door hits the front door:

michal   2016-09-17 (01/2016)


Mercedes-Benz has a Vision of autonomous, drone-launching delivery vans Merce

michal   2016-09-16 (01/2015)


michal   2016-09-12 (01/2016)


Californian "Newport Convertible Engineering" (NCE) performs conversion to a con

michal   2016-09-08 (02/2015)


Tesla needs a coupe in their line-up - RAIN-PRISK

michal   2016-09-07 (03/2015)


michal   2016-09-07


michal   2016-08-28 (03/2015)


michal   2016-08-13

Sleeping in Model S: smart trick for parcel shelf

michal   2016-08-09

Superchargers in the Czech republic

Tesla Motors Expands Its European Supercharger Network toward the East Expand

michal   2016-07-20 (12/2015)

The most common problems plaguing the Tesla S

Tom42 : Yes , It is pros and cons of early adopters. Thank you.

michal   2016-06-13 (01/2016)

Website improvements

udm   2016-06-06

Travel to Croatia

michal   2016-05-21

09.09. Model S AWD (85D)
04.09. Model S
22.07. Model S AWD (P90D)
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