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Humpolec Supercharger

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Tesla changes the branding of the Model 3 to remove the ‘3 lines’ logo on its website.

There’s an interesting story behind the name of the Tesla Model 3. Those who have been following the company for a while might know that it was originally supposed to be called ‘Model E’. Due to a tra...

Model X Wins the Golden Steering Wheel - Das Goldene Lenkrad

Model X Wins the Golden Steering Wheel Today, we are truly honored to announce that Model X has been awarded the Golden Steering Wheel (Das Goldene Lenkrad), one of the most prestigious automotive aw...

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Leilani Münter, a professional racecar driver, Tesla enthusi...

Electric GT - New Tesla Model S P100DL Car Specs

michal   2017-03-23 (01/2016)

Humpolec Supercharger

michal   2017-03-23


by Reuters

michal   2017-03-22 (01/2015)

Battery replacement, what willl you do?

Hi Helectra. Could you update it for non EV people. Thanks

michal   2017-03-19 (03/2017)

Tesla To Discontinue Model S 60 & 60D On April 17

michal   2017-03-18

Most Tesla problems cited by Consumer Report fixed

Tesla’s Rangers get a new look, now called ‘Tesla Mobile Service’. In order t

michal   2017-03-11 (10/2015)

Tesla Mobile Service

michal   2017-03-11

Driverless Cars-Autonomous vehicles.

California's new autonomous rules: No driver, passengers ride free-California is

michal   2017-03-11 (02/2017)

Front trunk

michal   2017-03-11 (02/2017)


michal   2017-03-04 (01/2015)


Tesla crashes into concrete barrier.

michal   2017-03-03 (01/2016)

Tesla design studies and tuning

Thomas Baekdal - Tesla for Le Mans.

michal   2017-02-28 (04/2016)

Tesla will expand mobile repair service.

michal   2017-02-25

Motor / Auto Show

Frankfurt Motor Show - 67th IAA Cars September 14th to 24th, 2017

michal   2017-02-20 (02/2015)

Wireless charging

michal   2017-02-20 (02/2017)

08.03. Model S AWD (90D)
02.03. Model S AWD (90D)
16.02. Model S RWD (P85)
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