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How Tesla customers may disclose problems?

WASHINGTON -- Tesla Motors Inc. on Friday revised a nondisclosure clause in its customer repair agreements after a U.S. regulator took issue with the practice, while the electric carmaker's CEO separa...

Review: The Tesla model X P90D

A new Tesla model x?  Absolutely. This is not just a software upgrade, it is a shift from Tesla's norm. The D represents dual motor presenting you more power when you slam the brake. How many power d...

What distinguish Tesla models from other brands?

Tеѕlа іѕ a еlесtrіс auto with ѕроrtѕ, SUV and ѕеdаn arrangement (Roadster, Model S, Mоdеl X, аnd Mоdеl 3). Tesla auto dоеѕ not uѕе аnу fоѕѕіl fuel whісh is costly аnd уеѕ, dоеѕn't dirty thе environmen...

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michal   2016-06-18 (04/2016)

The most common problems plaguing the Tesla S

Tom42 : Yes , It is pros and cons of early adopters. Thank you.

michal   2016-06-13 (01/2016)


michal   2016-06-07 (01/2016)


michal   2016-06-07 (03/2015)

Website improvements

udm   2016-06-06

Travel to Croatia

michal   2016-05-21

Who Are All These Tesla Model 3 Buyers Anyway?

michal   2016-05-18

Germany EV Subsidy, But Excludes Tesla !?

Was Tesla Purposely Excluded from New EV Program in Germany ? Tesl

michal   2016-05-14 (05/2016)

Drive unit, inverter, rectifier

Thank you NicolaPr, Спасибі Nicola Pr

michal   2016-05-08 (01/2016)

Tesla’s Secret Model 3...And Model Y

Looks nice, thank you .

michal   2016-05-04 (01/2016)

Superchargers in the Czech republic

Nice places to look around. Telč, Pelhřimov, Třebíč, Jihlava, Jindřichův Hradec

michal   2016-04-23 (12/2015)

Photos and videos

michal   2016-04-22 (04/2016)

Pickup truck-said at aec2016 Diarmuid O'Connell

michal   2016-04-17

T. issues safety recall for Model X: Back seats...

Tesla issues safety recall for Model X: Back seats could fold forward in a sudde

michal   2016-04-11 (04/2016)

Model 3 - 400.000 reservations

Model 3 Reservations FAQ When will my Model 3 be delivered? Model 3 prod

michal   2016-04-08 (03/2016)

21.06. Model S
13.06. Model S RWD (P85)
11.06. Model S
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