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Tesla Model Y Info

Musk has confirmed that the electric Y crossover will come in a “few years” and that it will ride on the same basic platform as the Model 3, but beyond that little information is known at this time. ...

Humpolec Supercharger

phone: +420 565 536 022 +420 565 536 021

Tesla changes the branding of the Model 3 to remove the ‘3 lines’ logo on its website.

There’s an interesting story behind the name of the Tesla Model 3. Those who have been following the company for a while might know that it was originally supposed to be called ‘Model E’. Due to a tra...

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Tesla now testing subsystems Tesla Model 3

Tesla replaces Model 3 headlights, battery, seats, and more while going through

michal   2017-10-07 (11/2016)


BMW Wireless Charging. Car charging in 3,5 hrs. without a cable.

michal   2017-10-01 (01/2015)

Tesla Model 3 Emergency Response Guide

michal   2017-09-30

Tesla design studies and tuning

Tesla T

michal   2017-09-25 (04/2016)

Ultra-Fast Charging stations

michal   2017-08-26

350 kW fast charging station by Porche

Porsche eröffnet neue Niederlassung in Berlin-Adlershof. Ein sichtbares Zeich

michal   2017-08-26 (08/2017)

12 V battery

Tesla Model S 12V Battery Analysis The Model S uses the 12V system to run pre

michal   2017-08-20 (08/2017)

consumer experience

Tesla Cost Comparison https://comparison.tesla.com/en_GB

michal   2017-08-20 (02/2015)

Model 3 - 400.000 reservations

Tesla is serious about its new mobile service effort – here’s a glimpse at its c

michal   2017-08-20 (03/2016)

Brakes Brambo

michal   2017-08-10 (08/2017)

Photos and videos

michal   2017-08-05 (04/2016)

Powerwall 2 & Solar Roof Launch

Solar Roof Shingles

michal   2017-07-03 (10/2016)


michal   2017-07-01 (03/2015)

Tesla Powerwall

The Battle of Home Battery Backup - sonnenBatterie vs. Tesla With all the gri

michal   2017-05-26 (05/2017)

Referral Programme

michal   2017-05-22

Do you buy original spare... .. 3 votes
11.10. Model S
21.09. Model S AWD (P90D)
10.09. Model S
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